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New Book Allows Children to Become Bald Eagles

Eagle in the Sky

As a child, Ryan Jacobson enjoyed reading Choose Your Path books, in which the reader made choices that affected the story. Now, as an adult, the author takes pride in writing that same kind of interactive fiction. For his new project, Eagle in the Sky (April 2015, Lake 7 Creative), Jacobson has taken his craft to the next level by creating his first interactive picture book—about life as a bald eagle.

The story begins with the reader, an eaglet, breaking out of its shell. With each turn of the page, the eaglet grows older, and life gets more challenging. Sometimes, the reader must make a choice, such as deciding when the eaglet is ready to fly. Other times, the reader is encouraged to act out such activities as flapping wings or gobbling down fish.

“Kids seem to love interactive books,” said Jacobson. “With Eagle in the Sky, I wanted to bring interactivity to a younger audience and educate them about nature.”

Eagle in the Sky is an appealing, educational book. It’s a reading adventure unlike any most children have ever experienced before. They’ll love the chance to wiggle with the story, and they’ll appreciate the opportunities to decide what the eagle should do. It’s a perfect introduction to wildlife, and it will give kids a new appreciation for birds.

Eagle in the Sky ($9.95, softcover) is available at area bookstores and gift shops, through online retailers, by visiting AdventurePublications.net or by calling 800-678-7006.

Eagle in the Sky: April 15, 2015 • 32 pages • $9.95 • softcover • 978-1-940647-08-1