Why Ryan?

  • Ryan is a professional motivational speaker.
  • Ryan is a successful author of children’s books.
  • Ryan’s high-energy performances are entertaining and educational.
  • Ryan’s high-interest books get students excited about reading—even reluctant readers!

What Grade Levels?

All of them! Ryan has specific books and age-appropriate presentations for the following 
age groups:

  • Kindergarten & First Grade: Featuring Joe Lee and the Boo
  • Second & Third Grade: Featuring Santa Claus: Super Spy or Monster Ninjas
  • Fourth & Fifth Grade: Featuring Can You Survive?
  • Sixth Grade and Up: Featuring Minnesota Hauntings
  • Adults: “How-to” classes on writing and publishing

What Do Ryan’s Performances Typically Include?

  • A brief reading
  • An interactive performance about building a story
  • A fun story-building exercise
  • A question-and-answer session
  • An opportunity for students to purchase autographed children’s books
  • Up to five 45-minute performances per day

What Fees Are Involved?

As a motivational speaker, Ryan’s daily fee is $400* for up to five presentations (or $250 for a half-day), plus mileage and lodging (if applicable). With that said, Ryan is almost always willing to work within your budget. In fact, Ryan has visited dozens of schools, free of charge.

*For events that include a keynote address, Ryan’s daily fee is $600.

Does Ryan Participate in Classroom Phone Interviews or Virtual Author Visits?

Yes! There are so many variables to these types of requests that it is difficult to summarize it here. Please, contact Ryan for more information.

I’m Interested in Learning More. Now What?

Simply contact Ryan, and he will get back to you within three business days.