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Prepping for a Book Launch

Today, I’m wearing my “publisher” hat as I prepare for the release of the new book series by Lisa M. Bolt Simons: Choose to Win! Lisa wrote three books for my publishing company, Lake 7 Creative, LLC, based on a concept I developed but didn’t have time to write.

The Choose to Win Series

She did a fabulous job blending the Choose Your Path formula with three sports titles, Goal-Minded, Out at Home, and Save the Season. Now, I’m scrambling to get ready for the October 11 release date. Essentially, for a small operation like Lake 7, that preparation boils down to two key components:

A. Get the Author Marketing

It’s no secret that a book’s success usually depends on the author, and that’s doubly true with small presses. We don’t have the budget or the staff to make much noise—so I’m depending on a lot of help from Lisa. To that end, I gave her a copy of a book I wrote called 30 Days of Book Marketing. It’s intended to give busy authors a relatively small task each day to get the marketing train moving forward.

30 Days of Book Marketing

Along with that, I gave her a short “to do” list. It includes the following:

  1. Actively promote the books on social media leading up to the release date.
  2. Create and/or update her Amazon Author Central page.
  3. Try to line up 20 Amazon reviewers for each book.
  4. Find 10 blogs to which she’d like me to pitch her books.
  5. Prepare to pitch press releases to her local media.

That’s her job. As for me…

B. Get Book Reviews—and Lots of Them!

Obviously, telling the author what to do is the easy part. This—garnering book reviews—is the hard part. It takes a lot of time, a lot of energy, and a fair amount of money, and the odds are stacked way, way, way against us. But it’s so essential to a book’s success, that it’s well worth the effort.

  1. Pre-pub reviews: I sent advance review copies (ARCs) to the major pre-publication reviewers several months ago. Now, I must prepare those reviewers’ follow-up packages to ship out the moment the finished books arrive. (Most of the reviewers require finished copies before they’ll publish a review.)
  2. Blog reviews: Along with Lisa’s 10 blogs, I intend to pitch 30–50 more. Bloggers like to have plenty of lead time, so I’m already behind on the pitches. So if we can get anywhere close to 20 reviews, I’ll be thrilled.

That’s what I’m working on this week. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.