What do you get when you combine motivational speakers with children’s books? Well, me! I’m Ryan, and I’d love to be a guest speaker at your next event.

About Ryan’s Books

My success as a presenter stems from the kids’ books I write. I’ve been an author for more than 10 years, and I pride myself on telling high-interest stories. That skill comes, in part, from my childhood years as a reluctant reader; nowadays, I create books that I would’ve enjoyed back then.

Another aspect of my writing that separates me from other motivational speakers is my diversity. I write different children’s books for each age level—so I can talk picture books in kindergarten, ghost stories in eighth grade, and other fun stuff in between. Plus, even reluctant readers are drawn to my comic books, interactive fiction, and, yes, poop stories.

About Ryan’s Performances

I like to tell people that everything I learned about public speaking came from my years as a camp counselor. In fact, here are a few lessons that still work for me and my kids’ books:

  1. Have fun: The youth probably won’t remember all the specifics of our shared time together, but they’ll remember how it made them feel. Equate reading and writing with fun, and they’ll carry that with them for years to come.
  2. Educate them: I’m an adult, I’m “famous,” and I’m fun. You know what that means, right? I’m cool! So I can teach them a lesson, and they won’t even know they’re learning.
  3. Relate to them: If I connect their interests to mine (specific books, movies, video games, pop culture, etc.), our time together becomes more personal to them. They’ll feel as if I’m speaking directly to them, and they’ll be more engaged.
  4. Be interactive: What separates the best motivational speakers from the rest? In my opinion, it has everything to do with interactivity—but not just letting them talk, move around, or act out a scene. As a counselor, I strove to let campers succeed in everything they tried. As a guest speaker, I want the students to feel successful about using their imaginations.
  5. Maintain control: Kids don’t just need rules; they want them (whether they think they do or not). By having fun while maintaining control, I help to ensure a successful event about reading and writing children’s books.

About Ryan’s Personal Life

When I’m not busy writing kids’ books or public speaking, I work as a writer/editor/designer in the book publishing industry. My hobbies include reading, swimming, building LEGO sets, and playing dodgeball in his basement. I live in rural Minnesota, with my wife and two sons.

Of course, my first goal is to help and inspire other writers. I would be delighted to consider an opportunity at your next event for motivational speakers.