To Be a Ninja Sushi Master (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Young Authors/Young Artists Conference in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

May 19, 2017: Session 1

Chloe was a grain of rice. She loved to bake cakes. She was very adventurous, outgoing, and pretty.

One day, she was in her basement, playing her ninja video game. She had a lot of fun. She finished all the levels of Sushi Master 3, and she became hungry. She decided to order sushi because of her video game.

She tried it for the first time and loved it. “Hey, I want to become a ninja sushi master,” Chloe thought.

She found an atlas and found out that Japan was the top place to train to become a ninja sushi master. Chloe always wanted to go to Japan.

Chloe was thinking, “Should I go to the airport and fly to Japan and meet my trainer, the ninja sushi master? No, I can’t walk. I’m going to try to float across the ocean. It might take a few hours, or days, or months. Okay, it’s going to take a few centuries. I might experience death.”

Chloe was thinking again. “How am I going to get to the ocean? Ask my rice friends? No, that would not work.”

It took Chloe three hours to finally get to the ocean from the wonderful wind. Chloe did experience some bumps on the road, though. Chloe did not expect this.

On Chloe’s way to Japan in the ocean, Chloe saw a huge fin. At first, Chloe thought it was a fish, but it was too big to be a fish. It had razor-sharp teeth… it was a shark!

Chloe tried to swim away, but the current pushed her into the shark’s mouth. She got stuck between its teeth.

The shark was in huge pain and yelling, but Chloe stayed calm. She could see that the shark’s tooth was chipped from an anchor. Chloe wanted to help, so she tried to pull out the tooth.

Pop! The tooth came out!

The shark sighed in relief, but Chloe was even more stuck.

Chloe ripped out another tooth. The shark cried out in pain, letting Chloe float out of the shark’s mouth.

As she was floating, a squid swam by, causing her to get stuck in the squid’s tentacles. But a fish named Gabe swam by and saved Chloe.

Then he ate her!

Chloe was struggling inside the fish, trying everything to get out. She punched the fish, and he happened to throw up.

After Gabe threw up, he befriended the grain of rice. Gabe protectively brought her to Japan, but they were caught and ended up in a huge buffet with a crazy chef named George, who wanted to add Chloe to his fried rice! Although she tried, Chloe could not escape.

Chloe was really sad because Gabe got cooked and died. On top of that, George kidnapped Chloe’s family.

Chloe realized that her family was in the sushi pot, and George was cooking it. But news reached Chloe that George, the best ninja sushi master in the world, got fired. Chloe needed to save her family from the pot.

Chloe started to cry. Bob, a piece of sushi, saved her. Chloe quickly saved her family. Then Chloe finally got her wish. She became the restaurant’s new ninja sushi master.

Chloe loved being a ninja so much that she decided to open her own ninja sushi master school, called Chloe’s Sushi Wong Doe. Bob loved Chloe’s bravery and adventure, so he decided to ask her to marry him.

Lovely Chloe said yes!

So they married each other. They waited some months, and after planning, they had a child, Blob the Sushi-Roll. Chloe was on the news for her school, and they gave her the Nobel Prize of Ninja Sushi Masters. And they lived happily ever after.