The Dancing Wolf and Mr. Quackers (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Young Authors/Young Artists Conference in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

May 18, 2017: Session 3

Once upon a time, there was a wolf named Ollie. He loved to breakdance. He just got home from a class, and he was very tired. He saw his favorite pet rock. It was enormous! He lied down on the rock, thinking of Parry Hotter at Wogharts. Ollie was very curious and funny.

He also remembered his old friend Bob the Penguin who moved away a long time ago. He was even more tired. Ollie started to dream, and he dreamed of digging to China.

When Ollie was sleeping, Mr. Quackers the Duck lowered Ollie’s family into a cage in Mr. Quackers’ lair.

When Ollie woke up, he saw a note from his mom, saying they were getting Mr. Quackers for dinner; they would be back in an hour.

Then an hour passed, and Ollie knew they were not coming back. He sat in a cave and cried.

When Ollie came out, he saw Mr. Quackers and knew the duck somehow took his family. He tried to think of the best way to get his family back. He finally decided to impress Mr. Quackers by breakdancing.

After the breakdancing, Mr. Quackers walked away, not impressed.

Ollie was all alone and desperate. He saw Mr. Quackers cross the Mississippi River by swimming, but Ollie couldn’t swim. Then Mr. Quackers flew across the Grand Canyon. What would Ollie do?

On his way to the Mississippi River, Ollie took a wrong turn and got stuck in quicksand. After waiting there for about 10 minutes, the Taco Man came strolling by… and said, “Need a taco?”

Ollie said, “Sure, why not?”

He ate the taco and farted his way out of the quicksand. “Wow, that taco was terrible,” said Ollie.

The Taco Man got mad and threw all the tacos at Ollie. Ollie slapped the Taco Man with his tail, and the Taco Man ran away.

A dragon named Chubs came along and flew Ollie across the river and almost all the way to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Ollie met a man named Ryan, who tried to help him but got them lost at the Grand Canyon. Then Ollie got hungry, and Ryan tried to shoot him a bird. He accidentally hit Chubs instead. When making his way toward Chubs, Ryan accidentally pushed Ollie off the Grand Canyon.

The Taco Man came with his magic car and saved Ollie! They flew across the Grand Canyon.

After Ollie got across, he ran into a cactus. After that, Chubs was feeling better, so he flew over. But he accidentally sneezed and burned the Taco Man.

Because of that sneeze, it also made an earthquake. A bunch of rocks fell down.

Ollie hurried to the mall, got a Batman costume, and returned. Chubs flew around and saw a weird-looking cave in the desert. He found something shining on top of the cave but couldn’t reach it.

Chubs flew Ollie to the cave. He found his family in a cage. Ollie gave Mr. Quackers a cookie that made him good. Then he found a key and freed his family. Then he did some breakdancing.

When Ollie and his family came back home, they had a breakdancing battle. After that, they got hungry and celebrated with tacos from the Taco Man.