Get That Catnip! (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Young Authors/Young Artists Conference in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

May 18, 2017: Session 2

One day, there was a cat named Worky, who just woke up from his cat nap. When he woke up, he started to stretch. Then a vase broke, and he clumsily jumped up.

Worky’s owner, Gandalf, magically poofed a bag of catnip to the top of the stairs. Worky was pretty hungry, so he smelled it right away.

“Yum,” thought Worky.

He decided to go for it as Gandalf walked back into his bedroom to sleep.

Worky trotted through the kitchen to the base of the stairs. He tiredly tried to make it to the first step but tripped over his own feet.

After a few tries, he collapsed in a heap at the base of the stairs. Gandalf peeked out of his room for a second and encouraged Worky to move on. So Worky tried again, only he scented something… something strange.

All of a sudden, Worky looked up the stairs and saw Polo the Polar Bear. The cat said, frightened, “W-w-what are you doing here?” Then he gulped.

Polo just kept setting up cat traps with an evil grin on his face, as Worky’s stomach grumbled.

Polo suddenly grabbed the cat and put him in a cat trap. Worky got away and tried to go upstairs. He fell down the stairs and into a gate.

Just as Worky thought nothing could get worse, it did. Callie, the young grey tabby cat, bounded in front of him and playfully started batting at Worky. But a shadow fell over Callie’s pelt. Polo, with his jaws wide open, stood behind Callie.

Worky hissed, making Callie turn around. Worky nudged Callie up the stairs.

Despite Worky saving her life, Callie began to feast on the pot of catnip, licking her lips.

Worky hurried up the stairs. He got one step away from the top of the stairs. He could see the catnip and got so excited that he tripped on the last stair and fell all the way back down.

Worky wouldn’t give up. He was still very, very hungry.

Sweet Pea, a friendly bird, saw that Worky was in trouble. He flew into the house and found an open sardine can because the family just got back from a fabulous fishing trip and had leftover food. He flew over and gave it to Worky.

Worky was pleased and gobbled it up. He got super energized!

He snuck under Polo and climbed up the railing, very happy that he might get the catnip. He jumped off the railing and accidentally scratched and kicked Callie. She leapt onto the carpet and ate all the catnip.

Worky suddenly woke up. He stretched and felt hungry. It was all just a very weird dream.

He looked up the stairs. Sitting at the top was a shiny bowl full of catnip, guarded by a polar bear… a stuffed polar bear.

Worky lazily walked up the stairs to get the catnip.