The Homeless Dog (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Young Authors/Young Artists Conference in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

May 17, 2017: Session 3

Brent was a German Shepard. He woke up, every day, cold and scared. Every day, he stared at the humans passing by. He always whined but never barked. He stared at them with his big eyes, thinking it might work.

Looking at his skinny self, he could be snatched any second of any day. “I’m so tired and weak,” thought the homeless dog. “I have all sorts of gray styles of colors on me.”

He sat inside a scratched up small box. The box was so torn up that it began to break at points of time. Some people just stared at the dog. The smaller humans were always trying to hug, pick up, and ask to keep Brent.

But Brent didn’t like the bigger humans as much. They took away the smaller ones and said, “He’s no good.”

All Brent wanted was a nice home, where a family would love him.

Brent was sitting on the sidewalk, in his box, waiting for food. He really needed a home, and he just wanted to be safe.

“I have decided to be adopted,” Brent said to himself.

Brent jumped from the box and started following people, looking adorable. It didn’t work.

One week later, Brent was walking around on a cold, cloudy day. All of a sudden, Bob the Squirrel jumped out of a tree and bit Brent. The dog started spitting out foam. When the people saw him still spitting out foam, not even the smaller humans wanted him!

Bob climbed a tree and dropped nuts on all the passing people who came to see Brent. While all the people were distracted by Bob, the Animal Patrol came for Brent.

Brent ran from the officer and hid in an old outhouse.

Kevin the Cat and his army of hairless cats entered the outhouse. Brent didn’t know what to do. Then, out of nowhere, Kevin and his army pushed Brent down the toilet!

They laughed and were about to pull him back up and push him in again. But they started screaming in pain. Chucky the Mouse was biting their feet.

They ran away, screaming.

Brent jumped out of the toilet and started running away. He arrived at a restaurant, and a waiter came out and yelled at him to get away, while throwing garbage bags at him.

Brent tripped off the curb and landed on his back two legs wrong. He broke them. Still, he crawled away from the angry waiter. Brent heard a radio playing “I’m a Loser” from inside the restaurant.

He also heard the voice in his head say, “Give up.” Brent shivered while he was in pain. He wanted to give up.

Later on, Brent heard on the radio that dogs were needed for assistants for the elderly. He crawled down the street with new pride. He saw a guy feeling around for a door. Brent barked and pushed the door open.

A girl with long, dark hair looked down at him from the doorway. “You smell,” she said.

Brent felt bad and started to crawl out the door. He went back to his box.

He saw someone coming. She looked at him in the box and gave him food. Then she picked him up and took him to the vet. She decided to keep him and adopt him. Brent learned that her name was Princess.

Finally, Brent moved into his new home: Princess’s palace! He was so happy to have love, shelter, and food. He also had squirrel servants.

One day, he got into the pantry and made a huge mess. All the squirrels had to clean it up.

A few weeks later, Bob the Squirrel refused to clean up a mess, so Brent called Kevin the Cat and asked him to come and eat Bob. It took a while, but finally Kevin managed.