The Dancing Superhero (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Young Authors/Young Artists Conference in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

May 17, 2017: Session 1

One day, the dancing superhero Cha Cha and his girlfriend, Flo, were watching a movie that Cha Cha had made. There was a song in the middle of the movie, and they started dancing together.

All of a sudden, in the middle of the song, the TV turned off. Cha Cha went to see the cables for the TV, and nothing was wrong.

The computer alarmed Cha Cha about the villain named Virus. “Alert! Alert!”

Cha Cha worried because his power came from the internet, but the internet wasn’t working. Virus had shut it down! Cha Cha could no longer make videos on YouTube. He couldn’t finish watching the movie. Worst of all, he couldn’t tweet!

He knew it was Virus, so he went to his Robot Mobile and went to find Virus. Cha Cha was searching until he finally found the villain on top of the New York Times Theater.

Cha Cha shot a bomb at Virus but missed him. Instead, he bombed a ship with Flo on it. It was also the ship he was going to ride to catch Virus.

All hope was lost for Cha Cha, but he realized that he was a hero, and people loved the internet.

Flo was already freaked out because she couldn’t be on TV. A chunk of the ship hit her, and she fell into the water. She couldn’t swim, so she drowned.

Cha Cha didn’t have time to be sad. He got into a plane and chased Virus.

The villain took over Russia and then bombed the U.S. Cha Cha couldn’t fly the plane all the way to Russia. He needed help. So he brought Flo back to life, and she became his superhero partner, Bionic.

Cha Cha flew a plane again, but all of a sudden, the plane crashed into the ocean.

As Cha Cha sank to the bottom, Flo flew down to the bottom, grabbed Cha Cha, and brought him to Russia to defeat the villain, Virus.

When they got there, it was too late. But then Tango Taco showed up and started shooting spicy tacos out. That distracted Virus, and Cha Cha punched him into space.

Tango Taco flew a helicopter into space and blew up the villain.

Cha Cha went to his house and celebrated with mini tacos. Cha Cha and Flo finished the movie. Then Cha Cha made a dance video. The video went viral.

Flo officially became a superhero and was very strong.

After five years, they got married. At the wedding, it rained tacos. Then they lived happily ever after.