The Mosquito-Zapping Football Player (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Northwest Service Cooperative’s Young Authors Conference in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

March 9, 2017: Session 3

One day, McFly the Bug Zapper was zapping mosquitoes, which he hated, and he was talking to some friendly flies.

McFly went and sat down on the couch to watch football. Suddenly, he got inspired to play because his dad played football. He wanted to be popular and to be the first bug zapper ever to play.

He got into his self-driving bug-zapping mobile and went to try out for the football team. On the way, his tire popped on a thorn, so he had to roll the rest of the way.

When he was at tryouts, the evil football players started throwing footballs at him, making him fall over. The coach said he didn’t make the team because he was clumsy and couldn’t catch the football. But McFly asked to try out again, and the coach said yes.

All of the football players were mean to McFly. All that they did was throw mosquitoes at him, but they only did that to throw him off.

The next day, he found out that the football players were actually mosquitoes. McFly didn’t give up, even though they sabotaged his equipment. Then, the football players threatened to accuse him of murder.

Things got worse for McFly. During a game, they started using him as a football. He didn’t want to give up or quit, though.

The next football practice, he set up traps. The traps were hidden in the outlets where the mosquitoes plugged in their phones. After practice, McFly lured them into his trap. Then they were all electrocuted when they plugged in their phones. The mosquitoes were exterminated.

McFly got called to court. He was sent to jail, but he was glad because there was a football team. He joined and became the quarterback. He won three games and was so excited to play football, even in jail.

McFly no longer had to spend an arm and a leg on food. There were no more mosquitoes to hassle him in jail because he killed them all. But eventually he got bailed out of jail and was the first bug zapper to be a professional football star in history.

He later became a stay-at-home star with little baby flies all over the house.