From Kangaroo to Flying Squirrel (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Northwest Service Cooperative’s Young Authors Conference in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

March 9, 2017: Session 2

Jeff the Kangaroo was taking a nap, dreaming about flying squirrels. He was dreaming about flying squirrels because he wanted to be one—even though everyone liked him because he was hoppy, friendly, and funny.

When he woke up, he went for a walk. He spotted a flying squirrel in a parking lot and instantly wanted to fly like that squirrel. He decided he would find a way to become one.

Jeff went to the local science lab. He spoke with a scientist, and the scientist told him where the flying squirrel DNA was.

After Jeff found the DNA, he met Pablo the Squirrel. Pablo stole the DNA from him, and Jeff didn’t notice it was gone for a while. When he figured it out, Jeff knew that he had to get that DNA back again.

To make things worse, the evil water pipe punched Jeff in the face, knocking Jeff out. While he was out cold, Pablo dragged him to the parking lot. There, the evil rock guarded him.

When Jeff woke up, he saw from far away that the science lab burst into flames, and he watched Pablo fly away. But Jeff still would not give up.

Jeff’s friend Elsa the Squirrel came to help him, but the rock attacked her. Even after that, things that were terrible kept happening. A flying sausage poisoned him, and he learned that he had cancer in his leg. All of that bad news made him want to fly even more.

There was even more bad news. Jeff heard that is best friend, Billy Mays, was dead. Jeff was extremely depressed. His best bud had died because Pablo the evil, evil, crippling squirrel was a murderer.

Despite being overly shaken, Jeff was not ready to give up hope. He still had a dream, and that dream was to fly—fly way up high into the sky.

He would do it. He would become a squirrel. It didn’t matter what happened next. He would fly.

Jeff became a ninja, so he could get revenge on his enemies: Pablo the Squirrel, the evil water pipe, and the rock.

He found Pablo and pushed him down. He got the flying squirrel DNA back from him and went into the science lab truck to inject himself with the DNA. It worked! Jeff became a flying squirrel.

Jeff used his flying ninja skills to defeat his enemies. When they were all in jail, he went flying with his friends.