Kayla Saves the Day (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the Northwest Service Cooperative’s Young Authors Conference in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

March 9, 2017: Session 1

When Kayla woke up, she was excited to go to work at the Warroad Nursing Home. She also worked at the Warroad Animal Shelter. Everybody liked Kayla because she was caring and generous.

Kayla saw on the news that someone was trying to burn down the hospital. Kayla wanted to save the hospital because her grandma was inside.

Kayla took off for the hospital and tried to see what was going on. When she arrived, she saw Marie inside trying to kill everyone. She was shocked because Marie was her best friend.

Kayla pulled out her gun, but she found out she had no bullets. Now, she couldn’t shoot to save the day. But she did not give up because her grandma was still in there. She had to find another way.

Kayla heard a voice from the hospital and recognized that it was the talking chicken. She also saw that Marie had started the first floor on fire.

Kayla called Joe the Turtle for help. “Where are you?” she asked through the phone.

“You know how small my feet are. I barely move one mile per hour!” Joe stated.

“Hurry!” she yelled, but she knew Joe was too slow to get there in time.

Just then, Kayla saw a scary man with a candy van. He was trying to break into the hospital.

“Ahhh!” she screamed.

The man left his van, and Kayla realized that this was her chance. She slowly and quietly ran to the van, opened the door, and stole it.

She looked up in time to see the talking chicken run straight into the fire. Kayla was sad for this loss, but she couldn’t give up. She could still save her grandma from dying.

Luck was finally on her side because it started raining hard. Kayla drove to the back of the hospital and gathered as many buckets as she could find. She set them out, and they quickly filled with water. Then she carefully put the buckets into the back of the van.

Kayla drove the van through the hospital doors and all the way to her grandma’s room. Kayla got the buckets of water and used them to put out the fire. She led everyone inside to safety.

After everyone was free, Kayla saw her former friend Marie. She chased her down with the van. Then Kayla jumped out and tackled her. Kayla saved the day one more time by bringing Marie to jail.