The Queen of Mars (Kids Write Books)

I recently had the pleasure of working with students at the South Central Service Cooperative’s Young Writers & Artists Conference in Mankato, Minnesota. In my sessions, we brainstormed a story outline. Then students broke into groups and were assigned different parts of the story to write. This story was written by…

March 7, 2017: Session 2

Martha Maplewood kept looking. She dug and dug. She was a funny muskrat. Her best friend, Julia, thought she was a good listener and liked to joke about Martha’s snort laugh.

But this was no laughing matter. Martha needed to find the map to Mars. She had no choice but to keep searching.

She found a cave near a beach. The cave looked like a blueberry, and it was named Blueberry Cave. Martha stepped into the cave and then ran out of it—right into the skunks. They had heard about the map, too, and wanted it desperately.

Now, Martha was in danger, so she ran up a tree. If she could build a rocket, she could get to Mars. Then she could work with the spiders that lived there in order to take over the skunks and to protect herself from them. That was the whole reason she wanted to be queen of Mars.

After the skunks left, Martha built a green bucket rocket. She stood and admired her beautiful masterpiece. She decided to invite her magical unicorn friend, Julia, to join her.

The skunk leader spied on Martha while coming up with a devious plan. “Ha, ha, ha, I shall steal the ship,” he said.

The skunk leader needed to communicate his plan to the minions. They all decided to go to the SBU (Skunk Bank United). They walked across Africa and continued across the Indian Ocean to the Philippines. Then they went to Paris and to the very top of the Eiffel Tower. There, they discussed their plan. Then they backtracked across Earth to the ship, and they waited for the historical moment to strike.

The savage skunks had grenades that spit water. They pulled up near the bucket rocket and blew it up. This caused everyone to fly into the water.

During all the confusion, the skunks managed to capture Julia. They told her that if she didn’t do what they said, they would kill her.

To try to gain traction in the effort against the skunks, Martha found the leader of the birds and persuaded the birds to help her. Although this species of birds was hideously ugly, the birds were glorious and magnificent warriors.

The skunks attacked again. While the birds battled them, Martha had to go and get pixie dust on a desert island. With the rocket destroyed, flying to Mars was her only hope.

She ran to the shore and saw the print of a boat bottom slowly being washed away. Panicking, she looked first left then right. Soon, a note in a bottle washed up on shore. The note said, “Ha, ha, we have sunk your boat and will build a death machine.”

Even though Martha had outstanding problems to tackle, she kept trying to overcome them. She was too scared to stop trying because she didn’t want to get killed by the skunks.

She swam to get the pixie dust, but there was a huge lion named Phil in control of the pixie dust. Martha gnawed a piece of corn into a sword and had a big battle with Phil. Finally, she killed the lion. After many hours, Martha finally got the pixie dust.

Next, she decided to save Julia. She used the pixie dust to fly over to where Julia was and save her. She flew to Julia’s cage and gnawed off the bars. Julia was free!

Martha used the pixie dust to fly into space. But she ran into a crater, and all of the pixie dust poured away from her. In this process, she crashed on Mars.

After she crashed, she found a sword left by a previous queen. She encountered the current queen of Mars and slew her. Martha became queen of Mars and built her own castle.

Queen Martha used her new army of spiders to defeat the skunks. Then she went to her super secret lab and drank an arm-growing substance and grew an extra arm on her stomach.

The army of bad skunks was in exile from the good skunks. They were sent to the wilds where they died from acid rain.

After the war, Martha stayed as queen of Mars, sitting on a rock throne with her best friend, Julia.